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Abby Wynne

Website Re-Design

Project Duration:

2 Days

Category: Re-Design

Tags: wordpress divi

Abbe is a Shamanic Psychotherapist, Energy Healer, Author and Teacher who helps people take their power back and live the life they want.

This was a pleasure of a project to work on. Abbey had already learned how to create her own website and had implemented the Divi theme but knew that the styling just wasn’t right.

She had created a really wonderful and comprehensive body of content and products but without a cohesive design strategy – that content could be difficult to read.

Straight away, we could see that the power and value of her services were not being communicated effectively so we worked with her to re-design her website and logo to deliver more impact.

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Logo Design

One of the first elements that we worked on was the logo – thankfully Abby was extremely open to the process and happy to consider a refinement of her logo.  After some discussion we determined that sunflowers have always been an inspiration to abby and that they were to remain the core of any new logo design.

The new logo encompasses a spiral as the consciousness, a flower for growth and specifically the sunflower shape as inspiration for Abbys work.  The new logo is clean, easy to use on both dark and light backgrounds, in transparency or stand along on its own.  This is always the standard that we try to achieve with any logo design.

We are thrilled with the strength of Abbys new brand and hope that it helps her to help many more people through her work.


Website Makeover

Abby had already done an incredible job of building her website.  She had excellent content and resources but there were issues with inconsistent styling.

Once we had the new logo and style designed and approved we had a very clear picture of how to redesign Abby’s website.  We needed to present her information is a much more accessibly and in a more approachable manner.  We achieved this by adding a lot of white space and breaking up the content in to clearly defined and easy to scan blocks.

We also removed any colours that were not in the new colour pallet – Abby is a very bright and happy person who loves so it is a real testimony to her that she could see the value in keeping within her brand colours.  This gives a sense of calm, consistency and professionalism to any content.

The new website is a beautiful resource – highlighting her work and her words while still representing her incredible personal energy and creativity.  View Abbys Website

Finishing Touches

Of course no online presence is complete without creating some social media headers so the branding is consistent across all touch points online.

We created covers based on the new logo and website design for Twitter, Facebook and YouTube as part of the logo re-design package.

Overall we had a wonderful time working on this project – Abby is an inspiration and someone it was truly a privilege to work with.

“Orla took my website to the next level, she’s a CSS genius! She’s easy to communicate with, she listens and she heard exactly what I wanted, which is rare in the world of web design. She also works fast, smart and crafts the small finishing touches that make the big difference to the overall look and feel. Don’t hesitate to book something with her – you won’t regret it.”

Abby Wynne

Abby Wynne Shamanic Therapist & Energy Healer