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Judith Carmody

Author Website Co-Creation

Project Duration:

1 Day

Category: Co-Create

Judy is an International Author and Speaker.  She is a passionate advocate of Bullying Prevention and Intervention. Judy came to me as she needed a website for her Project. She already had a account and wanted to continue with it. She tried to create it herself using the builder but found it difficult to make it look exactly how she wanted it.

Deciding on what type of website to build

Initially she had planned to build the website specifically for her Co-Bully No More book.  As I got to know her – I realised she had several other books and has the potential for several more.  My advice was to create an Author Website ensuring that all of her work is displayed in one place.  The Co-Bully No More book could have its own dedicated page within that website.

Domains & Logo Design

Decision made, I helped Judy find the right domain, register it in her own name, set up her email accounts and connect everything to her Wix account.

We then created a new logo for Judy that was based on the graphics from her Co-bully No More book.  The new logo worked out beautifully across all areas of her website and online presence.

Wix Co-Creation

Finally we sat down with Wix and crafted a design from one of their templates that really showcased the hope and professionalism of Judy’s work.

She is someone who works tirelessly to bring joy and a voice to people who feel sidelined, bullied or lost and her new website needed to reflect her core values.

We kept sections short and easy to read, allowing people to click through to the full page for more detail.  We also created individual pages for each of her books with links to purchase them on amazon.

Finishing Touches

Finally we connected Judy’s new website to her new email newsletter software and created custom cover graphics for the newsletter emails.

We also created custom cover graphics for her social media accounts so her entire personal brand was clear, professional and consistent right across anywhere she is found online.

Everyone was delighted with the outcome of the project which was completed in just one co-create session with Orla.

“Orla was professional, supportive and insightful into creating an on-line presence for my business.  Orla was amazing and offered a great service.  She listened to my needs and delivered an excellent service.   It was also very enjoyable to be part of developing my website as Orla is excellent one to one.  Everybody has commented on my website, it is so professional and easy to move between pages.”

Judith Carmody

Author "Co-Bully No More"